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20061220        I downloaded & installed latest version of CobianBackup 7.6.0353.  To clear the native error 00045,
one has to do a regular non-compressed backup & next modify the task to do a zip compressed backup.  It's kind
of a buggy fix, but so far so good.

20061219        Cobian 7 is acting up on my w98 computer.  All of the sudden, it would not compress backups in
the zip format.  I get a "nativer error 00045"
Why is startup and shutdown so much faster on Windows 98 ?  On Windows XP this is very slow even though
I have turned off the flaky "System Restore" feature.

20061218        My Hitachi CRT TV is still working.; However, my RCA vcr is acting up.  When you fastforward
or rewind scan your tape, sometimes it shuts off & resets the tape counter.  HDTV: Higher resolution is ok even
though it is more costly.  I have no problem with it. But really it is not high priority.  I would rather watch a good
movie at present resolution, than a poor movie at crystal clear high definition/high resolution.  On a similar note,
I am happy with movies on VHS or DVD resolution.  There is really no need for HD-discs or Blu-ray discs.  This
is just another scheme for the TechnoCorporations to make $.  

20061210        I updated my dvd-drive firmware to DW-D56A PDS7 in order to cope with the 16x dvd blank discs.
Without the update the burns are slower than with the 8x discs!  Why don't they come up with newer firmware than
PDS7?   Why don't manufacturers print the media id codes on the packaging of blank discs? (Only after purchasing,
 the spindle, can you see which mediacode it has.)  Does Omnipatcher work? Does it really work?

20060130         System Restore doesn't always work; It can't handle virtual drives.

20060122        used sdelete v1.2  to erase 1 file off desktop & 1 (recursive) directory.  later, pressing
"shutdown the computer", caused the computer to restart & giving a message that there was a serious
error.  (windows xp home) this has happened once before, but with a different/unknown cause/application.

20060118       Eraser 5.7; using this to erase your recycle bin may causeWindows XP home to "restart"
 when you click on the "turn computer off "icon. Then, it immediately reports 'a serious error has occurred'.

20060115       Eraser 5.7; using this app to erase free space on Windows XP home, will erase your
 System Restore points.

200601##        My CRT TV delivers crisp sharp and vibrant color images.  It is probably 25 years old and I
 got it second hand. By the way, it is a Hitachi brand.  There is no remote control; you change channels by
 turning the dial, and yet it delivers the most bang for the buck as far as picture quality is concerned.  Sure
 with LCD or Plasma technology the resolution is higher, but I don't notice a big difference.  New CRT TVs
 cost a fraction as much as the new tech. TVs!  (ie., a plasma tv could easily cost $2000.00 - $3000.00)

200512##      My RCA brand vcr (model vr603hf) is likely 10 years old and still works pretty good.  Show me a
 dvd player which lasts 10 years. (call me when 10 years approaches).  Some of my VHS videotapes are
 20 years old. DVDs have better images but someone show me a dvd-movie which lasts 20 years. (call me
 when 20 years approaches).

20051122       I've owned a $43 dvd player made by Magnasonic (model DVD830) for several months.
 What is impressive, is its built-in fan. My dvd's are COOL to the touch after I have viewed a movie.

20050812       - installed Windows XP fax service. What a doozie! Again another OEM edition of winXP,
 lacking the fax service.  Aggravating again (similar to NTBackup) but I fixed it.

20050804       - installed windows XP NTBackup; aggravating because OEM computer cds erase your
 harddrive. & this backup program doesn’t come pre-installed. I had to download it from a Non-Microsoft
 site. (I’m not the only person in this boat with this problem! See or  )

20050801       -installed Tweakui for xp, seems to work ok.  -installed driverheaven tuneXP 1.5, tweaked
     the settings comfortable with: it really works! It shortens Shutdown  time and shortens Bootup time
 -used resident XP defragmenter. 53GB processed in about 2 hours.
 -used Excessive Software powerdefragmenter 2.0. poor GUI but seems to be very fast. (not for windows98).
 -ran Diskcleaner 1.55 by R.J. Moerland on windows98; seems to work.
 - installed driverheaven tuneXP 1.5 on windows98; tweaked the settings comfortable with: no apparent
 reduction in boot or shutdown time.

20050731   - SE Backup 0.9.1 Beta requires internet connection for license
  - Backup Genie 1.7 Trial is a 30day trial
  - Bushido Backup doesn't work*. (*The version I downloaded doesn't work)
  - Cobian Backup 7 is the last version for Windows98 ; future versions will support newer Windows.
      The standard version of Cobian does not have plug-ins needed for the Registry or Restoring your

20050730   - Diskeeper Lite 7 just blows past Windows98 resident defragmenter as far as speed is concerned.

20050701       I purchased a Diamond Vision DVD player from Wal-mart; inexpensive unit;
nice features; remote control  failed - rendering the unit a paperweight.

20050615d       I phoned Telus and cancelled my LongDistance servicebecause the fee $4.95/month is too
 costly. Also, calling the same LD phone number (a pal of mine) in Canada, at similar times of day was more
 than twice as costly per minute compared to another long distance service. The call center operator could
 not explain why my friends were not charged this fee. (My friends could not explain it neither). The fee
 initially was $1.25/month

20050201d          I am not impressed with my Citizen JDVD3842 dvd player. It cost about $75 and it conked
 out 2 months after the 12 month warranty expired. The built in computer chip wouldn't recognize any discs
 at all. At least it didn't breakdown the day after the warranty ran out.

20000101   [Updating the blog ]
Hi, this is privycrypt. 381 0
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Goodbye! SeeYouLater

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