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My comments on free web-hosting sites (comments apply to FREE services and not to
the premium paid-features)     - no FTP (20070127) - no comment yet - no comment yet - FTP OK. Free tier does not allow zip files nor mp3 files. They are affiliated with (20070215)    - no longer taking new members?? registration link failed (20070127) - sister company of Tripod. FTP OK. user friendly. (20070204); zip OK; - associate of XISTO?; users are obligated to participate in the forum.  no comment. I don't know if i will try them. - pretty good site. FTP OK.  [20061216]  zip files OK; java OK - not taking new members? couldn't apply; registration link failed(20070215) - failed sign up; | failed email activation (20070127)
  - sign up succeeded, email activation OK; yes FTP; no zip files; no mp3's; wav OK; no java; affiliated with Open Swarm(20070215)
  - personal site deactivated (2008 or 2009?) - no comment yet - FTP OK. no comment yet.; application acceptance period is required. (20070215) - FTP OK.
 [20070215]  to close the pop-up ad windows you have to click on the word "close window" and not the "x" in its upper
 right hand corner.
 [20061219] - i don't know if fortunecity purchased fcpages.  It seems fortunecity ads always popup.
 [20061216]  zip files OK; no java
 [200611??] recently they have added an "elite media group" install box that activates when you view the hosted page.  if you don't click "install" the page won't be viewable.  It feels like spyware/spamware.  (i didn't click on it).  i have experienced some down time with this site. affiliated with - i was impressed with them even though it was difficult to get support for basic queries.  zip OK.  FTP OK.  Recently they killed my site without warning.  I still don't know why.  I wasn't spamming.  My files were legit. (2006?)
- wav files OK; no mp3's allowed; java OK (20070215) /    - looks - no comment yet - it used to be free; user friendly for beginners.       - easy sign up; FTP OK (20070127); site is cancelled if no activity (within a month?) [20070428] - pretty good site but you have to maintain it frequently or they kill it. [20070127] - no FTP with free version    - no ftp ; url ends with index.php?pip=0  (20070127) - good proprietary interface/software for webpage fans with no html knowledge.  It used to have a free level of service.  I don't know if FTP will work.  I don't believe so. ( - they lack info on features and how-to's but they do offer lots of support through their forum and email.  zips are not allowed.  FTP available.  i have experienced downtime. (2006). java not allowed; Otherwise known as, this service has cancelled my site.   The reason is unknown; I tried to apply for a new account but never received an activation email.  There is no contact information posted. It's a shame because it did work pretty well.  I guess they WON'T "host free for life". (20070215) - sounds good. FTP OK. zips OK.  acceptance is required.  FTP does not allow transfer of directories.  Directories must be
 manually put in. (20070215) - no comment yet       - failed sign up | failed email activation (20070127);
 sign up worked; activation process revamped; FTP OK (20070215); user  friendly but doesn't seem to allow java applets to work. - no comment yet; acceptance is required.    - proprietary webpg format; Christian website? (20070127) - sister site of (Astahost; Xisto); FTP OK.
 [20070120]; zips are not allowed. [20070215] no mp3's, no wav, no java; service cancelled without warning (200704dd) (lycos) - excellent free site; i can't complain. FTP OK. - no comment yet    - failed sign up | failed email activation (20070127); successful activation (200704dd)
  downtime experienced once in a while (2008 and 2009)  - fun site for beginners; may have been acquired by; I think it is extinct.    - failed sign up | frozen signup process (20070127)

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