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Welcome to The Luddite
  - aggravating aggravations, frustrating frustrations
  - raves & rants & peeves of digital;  - advantages & disadvantages of analog 
        Luddite's general purpose anti-web-log (blog): anti-blogseed.html

5 & 1/4" (5.25 inch) floppy disk - here is a description html
Acrypter plugin for Miranda IM - Using this plugin html
Backup Utility - Windows XP (NTBackup) html | my own web hit-counter codes zip
Disk Image 1.1 killed my computer txt
Dos shortcut diables booting Windows98 GUI txt
Esnips pseudo-filesharing yh-ca; also gvn  anonjma-ym; jordtrac-liv;
Fax Utility - Windows XP (Fax Console v 5.1) html
Internet Time  
Password Recovery Glitch in Windows XP Home txt
Pdf (Adobe Reader) and Windows Journal Viewer.msi error html
ports txt
SecureIM plugin modified by baloo for Miranda IM - Using this plugin txt
soundfix - Windows 98 missing volume control window html
web based instant messaging (through your browser) & info on Jabber
web-hosting (free) sites -- read my comments on some of these sites html
Zen Nano-Plus mp3 player by Creative| Installing on Windows98 html
zip - Using Windows XP's Compressed (Zipped) Folders program txt

Half-Life Opposing Force Hints txt

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